Methyl Jasmonate



Methyl Jasmonate in Cancer Research


The Anti-Cancer Fragrance Methyl Jasmonate Can Be Effectively Introduced Into the Blood
with a Simple Steam Inhaler.

One of the members sent in this idea. Go to Amazon and purchase a Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler. It only cost about $25. You put the methyl jasmonate in the distilled water and inhale the vapours from the mask. It is adjustable so you only get the amount of steam that you want. This way there is no loss of MJ into the air.

MJ is probably the most potent anti-cancer and anti-leukemia agent known to man. And it is completely non-toxic to normal cells. You can't say that about chemotherapy or radiation therapies. But it is insoluble in water so the oral ingestion of MJ is out of the question. So... the crazy people here figured out that MJ could be introduced into the lungs (and blood) almost instantly if it was in an aerosol form. MJ is a fragrance and is, by definition, volatile. This inexpensive Vicks Inhaler is perfect for the job.

Not everything in life has to be complicated.


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